Many patents, ideas and technologies that no other manufacturer could duplicate are concentrated into Kobird's Incrusting Machine. Please check out as follows;

LCD Touch Panel
Easy operation with wide LCD touch panel. Possible to register 100 different production data into internal memory.

Production Speed : 20 - 40pcs/min.(High-Speed model:50pcs/min)
The adjustment is also easy, just touching LCD touch panel.
Possible to adjust filler open-close spped and timing for each product and to register
Simplest Shaping Filler
1. Ideal incrusting curves
2. Perfect cutting
(Secondary Cutting)
3. Easy Adjustment of the
filler gap.
4. Fine-tuning of adjustment
and timing to meet any
customers' needs

Vertical Supporting Screw
Vertical Supporting Screw and vane pump realize stable material flow and big size solid or liquid filling also available.

Vertical Screw
It just supports the dough flowing down into pump according to the gravity, the damage of the dough is extremely small.

Vane Pump
Kobird's vane pump is constructed by 4 pcs of vane and divides 8 in the pump. Therefore, weight balance each product is very stable.
Variety of the Optional Devices
According to the products, Kobird prepares many kind of optional equipments & devices.

3 layer incrusting Unit:
Designed simply for saving installing space. Mounting between both hoppers, additional space isn't necessary.

Solid Incrustor:
Also space-saving designed, remove the air around the solid during Incrusting, not remain the air in the products.

Variation of Shaping Filler
Kobird's Shaping Filler is precisingly manufacturered in temperature controlled production room one by one.

Open-top filler :

Stainless Steel Filler :
Small Remains
Directly connected vane pump and compound part, there are very small remains in the parts after the production, comparing to former model. It is quite economical.
Remains: about 600 - 700g

Designed simple, it is easy to set-up and take-off and each parts are very light-weight. Cleaning after production is also easy.
2-Step Take-out Conveyer
As a first step, the conveyer move down with a same speed as filler movement, and as a second, move down more. The Conveyer recieves the products with a care for keeping the product beautiful.

The height of the conveyer can be easily adjusted with a handle depending on the products size.
Low Hopper Height
Designed the height of hopper lower, women operator feel easy to fill in the filling or dough into hoppers.

Just occupied small area for installtion, it's compact!!! W=1150mm, D=775mm

Operation is only from front size, efficiency for working. and possible to install wall size.
Safe Operation
Preventing the operator from the injury during operation, Kobird's incrusting machine prepares safety guard on the shaping filler. When the guard is removed, the machine altomatically stopped and protect your operator. Also when the back door open, the machine is stopped.

We pay a lot of attention to protection of operator.