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Generally, a full bread-making line is a large operation consisting of many machines, but now the compact, revolutionary BREAD SHSPER is the only machine you need to make genuine incrusted bread efficiently and economically. The special Cylindrical Forming Section (patented) and Filler Section (Patented) safeguard against dough damage allowing you to create the delicious handmade-like incrusted bread od your dreams!!
Maximum Production Speed : 2,400pcs/h
Dough Stretcher.
Special Cylindrical Forming Section (Patented)
Stability of Product weight.
Cylindrical Forming Section
Cylindrical Forming Section
Vertical Filler Section
Vertical Filler Section

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LBS-2 with Cylindrical Forming Section

LBS-2 with Sidewinder
The mass production LBS LINE is our newly designed incrusting system for (fermented) dough connected to sheeting line. The machine deposits the inner filling on to the dough sheet; after the products are formed by the Special Cylindrical forming Device (Patented), they are incrusted in the Filler Section (Patented). The LBS LINE offers high-performance incrusting with the inner filling perfectly centered no matter what the physical properties of the filling may be. The dough and filling ratio are freely changeable so it's easy to mass produce genuine handmade-like incrusted bread that is chock-full of filling. The Vertical Filler Section (Patented) solves the problem of dough damage and unit weight inconsistency. Create high quality Anpan, Puff Pastries, Baguettes, Yeast Doughnuts, Melon Breads, Pizzas, Bagels, Chinese Buns,and much more...
Multiple row avairable in accordance with
your production size. 1 - 6 row(s)
Maximum output :
1-row : 1,800 - 2,400pcs/h
6-row : 10,800 - 14,400pcs/h
Alternative choice:Sidewinder or
Special Cylindrical forming Device
Vertival Forming Section (Patented)
Stability of product weight guarantee
Easy to connect to other brand sheeting line.

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