Mr. Masao Kobayashi

KOBIRD... spanning the glove to make your dreams come true
In today's world, where changes occur faster than ever before imaginable, there are people in the food industry who are concerened that the skills of the professional artisan will soon disappear. With this sense of crisis clearly in mind, we have devoted much time and effort to developing food-manufacturing machines that can create that same spirit of art and craftmanship.

By combining mechanics and computer electronics with a deep respect for good taste, KOBIRD makes high-performance machines continually sought after by customers worldwide. For the confectionery, bakery, daily dish, frozen food (processed agricultural, livestock and marine products) and ice cream industries, we offer high-quality, highly efficient, labor-saving, and environmentally friendly machines capable of manufacturing both traditional and uniquely modern products.

We at KOBIRD look forward to meeting the challenges of the 21st century with you.