We, Kobird have been selling our machines in the States since June. And, we mean business. Our distributor for North America, Central and South America and Canada is TEXMAC Inc., based in Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A.
We have a test kitchen and a full time representative at this facility.

We would like to make a challenge to the American food industry, the largest market in the world. Our high technological skills have been perfected in traditional Japanese confectioneries and baking industries

We are able to give you specialised advise in regard to creating high-value added incrusted products. We can offer assistance if you need to produce hand-made like products automatically,
or if you wish to develop brand new products the world has never seen.

We are confident that you will be 200% satisfied with our service. Remember you are able to test desired products using our Incrusting Machine at the test kitchen anytime.

Please feel free to contact us your questions are always welcome

Test Kitchen


Following is our latest show schedule for the U.S.A. and Canada. Please come and enjoy the Kobird experience.

[Latest Show Schedule in U.S.A.]
  RBA Marketplace          
Oct., 6 - 8, 2002     
Atlantic City, New Jersey
HostEx 2002
Oct., 20 - 22, 2002
Ontario, Canada
International Hotel,
Motel & Restaurant Show
Nov., 9 - 12, 2002
New York

Test Kitchen
Kobird's Sales Partner
for North America,
Central and South America and Canada

3001 Stafford Drive (28208)
P.O.Box 668128
Charlotte, NC 28266-8128, U.S.A.
Tel : (704) 393-6541
Fax: (704) 392-1621
Person in Charge: Mr. KOJI UEMURA
E-mail: kuemura@texmacusa.com